Upcoming Events at Cirencester Opportunity Group

We rely and value highly the help of parents and helpers to run and support fundraising events. We have an active Friends of COG group who help to support our work with regular fundraising events throughout the year.

We welcome new members, ideas, financial support or gifts for raffles, so please contact us if you wish to help.

Friends of COG

COG is delighted to announce that as of September 2017, Maelle Lego will be heading our Friends of COG group, which is a group of COG parents who organise and support numerous fundraising events.

Please come and enjoy a cup of tea, have a chat and make some new friends, while discussing fundraising ideas and planning future events at the same time. Come and give yourself a break while the children are busy having fun at nursery. Next meeting to be arranged. Please pop into the office or email if you would like to join or have any ideas.

Forthcoming Events:

Clothes Recycling Collections… please drop in any unwanted clothes, bags, belts and shoes by the last Monday of each half term to help raise funds for COG, collection is normally late morning. This year's collection dates are: Monday 5th February 2018; Monday 26th March 2018; Monday 21st May; and Monday 23rd July 2018.