Code of Practice


Cirencester Opportunity Group (COG) is registered with the Charity Commission, an organisation set up by the Government to register and regulate charities to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence. As members of the Charity Commission, we follow their Code of Fundraising Practice and comply with the key principles embodied in that Code to ensure that we raise money for our charity honestly and properly.

Therefore, COG:

• Applies to relevant grant trusts for sector specific/related funding.

• Raises funds by organising social events, raffles and sponsored activities.

• Receives donations from local charitable organisations; commercial companies and the general public.

• Subscribes to a web based donation vehicle and is registered with HMRC for Gift Aid.

• Ensures that all expenditure on beneficiaries is via the delivery of direct services at the Early Years Centre.

• Ensures that overheads (including administration & fundraising) of the charity are maintained at a level below 8% of total expenditure.

• Reviews on an annual basis, it's financial reserve policy - this maintains sufficient 'free cash reserves' to secure charity operations for between 3-6 months.

• Ensures that trustees approve, are involved and manage the fund raising strategy and day to day spend of the funds raised.

Therefore, COG:

Does not rattle tins in the street.

Does not employ street fundraisers.

Does not use direct mail techniques or telephone the public for donations.

Does not buy databases of names to contact for donations.

Does not use 3rd party fundraiser organisations or pay commission to anyone for fundraising.

Does not undertake any trading activities, nor have a financial relationship with any 3rd party commercial organisation.